OLG Administration - Account: How to set up a New Administrator Account

How to set up a New Administrator Account

First access your Online Giving site. Then click "Create New Account".

From here fill out the information fields, including the Registration Code provided to you by ParishSOFT. This Registration Code is what separates a standard Independent Giving account from the Church Administrator Account.

The Registration Code can only be given to the primary contact of the parish or the Pastor. If the party that is requesting the access does not have that title, then permission from those individuals will have to be given to obtain the Registration Code.

When you have filled out all of the fields click Submit

You will then receive an automated email asking you to Activate your account. If you do not see the email check your Spam or Junk folder. If you still do not see the email contact ParishSOFT support to have your account Activated.

Once Activated you will be able to log in using the established User ID and Password. Keep in mind that BOTH fields are case sensitive.

You can find the Online Giving Admin User's Guide attached down below.



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