PSG Organization - Virtual Terminal: How to create a Recurring Gift for a Donor

How to Create a Recurring Gift for a Donor using Virtual Terminal

For questions on: What is my donor doesn't have an email address, see:Donors Without Email Addresses

Everyone should have access to Virtual Terminal, but if for some reason you don't just give us a call at 866-930-4774 Ext. 2 for Support and we can get it added to your profile.

 First, you have to get to Virtual Terminal.

1.) Go to the Organization tab and choose Virtual Terminal from the drop down.


2.) In Virtual Terminal choose a fund from the Fund drop-down, type in an amount for the scheduled gift, and check the box for Recurring Transaction.


3.) Once you check the box for Recurring Transaction a new section will come up with options for the Scheduled Gift.


At this point, you can set the frequency of the gift, how many installments the gift will have, and when the gift will start.

4.) Once you've finished setting up the Recurring Gift information, scroll down to Contact Information and choose Select Existing Donor.  This will populate the Contact fields with the Donor's personal information.


5.) Fill out the Payment Method and Credit/Debit Information or E-Check Information fields.  Once Complete, hit the Process Transaction button at the bottom and you're done.


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