PSFS Offering - Batches: How to correct a contribution with an error posted in a closed batch

How to correct a contribution with an error posted in a closed batch

If a contribution has been posted in a batch with incorrect information such as date, amount, fund, or donor, and the batch has subsequently been closed, you must reverse the original transaction and post a correcting transaction.

How to correct the original transaction

How to post the reversing/correcting transactions



How to correct the original transaction

You have two options: One option is to create one new batch with at least two transactions, the reversing transaction and the correcting transaction. A second option is to create two batches: one new batch with the reversing transaction and one new batch with the correcting transaction

  • If there are several correcting entries that must be posted, they may all be made in the same batch provided the fund is the same for all.
  • If the error in the original transaction was the fund, two batches must be used to correct the transaction. This is because each batch may only be made up of contributions posted to the same fund.

Reversing Transaction: This transaction must be exactly the same as the original except the amount will be negative. The date, fund, and donor must all match the original. The amount must match except it must be negative.

  • Reversing Transactions must be entered in Detail Entry because Quick-Entry does not allow negative amounts.

Correcting Transaction: This transaction will be entered with the correct date, amount, fund, and donor which would have been entered in the first place had an error not occurred.


How to create a correcting batch

From the Family Suite Offering Tab in the Batches option, select + Add Batch. The Batch Header screen displays.

Batch Header field descriptions

Batch DescriptionA : enter text which will help you understand later why you created this batch such as Correcting Batch. Or, if the original batch number was 1011, you could use 1011-R, 1011-C or 1011-RC to make this description even more informative. (R=Reversing, C=Correcting, RC=Reversing/Correcting)

Cash TotalB: This amount may be positive, negative or zero.

  • If you are creating one batch for the reversing transaction and one for the correcting transaction (such as when the wrong fund was used initially), the Cash Total for the reversing batch will be a negative number and the Cash Total for the correcting batch will be a positive number. 
  • If this correction batch is due to a duplicate posting, the cash total on the Batch Header Page (when you first go into Create new batch) may be a negative dollar amount (assuming this is the only entry). If there are other entries, it would be the sum of the entries subtracting out the duplicate entry.
  • The Cash Total must be the sum total of all transactions in the Batch. If the sum total of all transactions in the Batch is 0, you may enter 0.00 as the Cash Total. This may happen if the original error was an incorrect transaction date. In that case the correcting entry would be a negative amount on the wrong date and a positive amount on the correct date.
  • If you entered an incorrect Cash Total amount for the batch, you may edit it at any time before the Batch is closed. In Offering, Select Batches, click the Edit button  to the left of the Batch you want to update. The Batch Header window will pop up. Select the Edit button.

Batch TypeC: Any batch which includes reversing entries (negative amounts) must be of type, Detailed Posting. If you are posting a correcting batch separately which has no negative transactions in it, you may use the Quick-Entry Posting for that correcting batch.

FundD: If the Fund was the error in the original closed batch, you must create two correcting batches, one for each fund. 

Date OpenedE: This date may be the current date or, more often, the date of the original closed batch or the date which should have been used for the entry if the original transaction was entered wrong and only one reversing/correcting batch is being used.

CommentF: (optional) You may add details in this field to help you remember why you created this batch.

Once you have filled in the Batch Header Form, click the Add Batch button. After verifying the Batch Header details are correct, you may click the Close button. Do not mistakenly click the Close Batch button.

How to post the reversing/correcting transactions

From the Family Suite Offering Tab in the Posting option, select Detailed Posting for all Reversing Batches or for all Reversing/Correcting Batches. If you have a Correcting Batch only, which will have all positive transactions, and you have set this batch to type Quick-Entry, you may select the Quick-Entry option for this correcting batch.

Select the Reversing/Correcting Batch you created for this purpose and fill in all of the pertinent information. You may add as many entries as required to fix any errors you found. You will want the posting date to reflect the check date or the deposit date. It does not have to match the Batch Header date.


Close the Batch

Once you have entered the reversing entry and/or the correcting entry, if the sum of all transactions entered for this batch matches the amount entered in the Cash Total field in the Batch Header, and if the details of all transactions have been reviewed, you may close the batch.

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