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Bulk Inactivation Process

If you have a large number of inactive vendors (those you no longer do business with), you can make them inactive. The inactivation process lets you flag any vendors that have not been used in a transaction since a given date as inactive. This process does not remove inactive vendors from your database. It simply removes them from your active vendor lists and filters. The inactivation process de-clutters those lists, which can greatly improve your ability to search for and select vendors.

To inactivate a group of vendor records:
1. Click Process, in the Other Processes group. Then, select the Inactivate Vendors link:

2. Click inside the Date Last Used field and select the date of the last transaction from the calendar. The system generates an Inactive Vendor List report. This report shows the names of vendors with no transactions since the date you specified.

3. Review the list. Then, do one of the following:
If you determine that several vendors in the list should not be inactivated, proceed
with the inactivation of those vendors. You can then re-activate them individually.
See “Reactivating an Inactive Vendor” on page 72 for instructions on how to reactivate
an inactive vendor. If the list is acceptable, click SUMBIT. The system inactivates all vendors in the list. These vendors no longer appear in vendor selection lists and filters.

If the list is not acceptable, repeat until you have an acceptable list.

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