PSA L&P - Bills: How to edit a bill

How to edit a bill  

Questions answered in this article:

  • How to edit a bill for accrual basis or for cash basis accounting
  • Can a paid bill be edited 
  • If using the cash basis of accounting, you can edit any bill that has not been paid.
  • If using an accrual basis of accounting, you can edit any bill in the current or future fiscal month that has not been paid.
  • For paid bills or any bills in a prior period, you can edit the Comment and Project fields and the 1099 checkbox only.
To find out which basis of accounting your organization uses, select the following help file: How to tell if your organization uses a cash or an accrual basis of accounting

To edit the bill, go to Bills → Find Bill → enter the search criteria → click search → Click Go next to the bill to be edited → edit the bill



  • To remove a line item, click the red X in the row containing the line item.
  • To add more line items, click the More Lines link.


Click the Submit button at the bottom center of the screen to save your changes. 


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