PSFS Offering - Batches: How to correct a transaction in an open batch or no batch

How to correct a transaction in an open batch or no batch

These instructions are applicable if:

  • You have contributions in an open batch or that are not in a batch and they were posted with an error in one of the following: amount, donor, envelope number, date.

These instructions are not applicable if:

  • The batch has already been closed. In that case, these instructions are appropriate
  • The contribution is associated with a fund whose end date has transpired
  • You are not authorized to edit contribution records
    • View and Add/Edit access rights are required
    • Access to the associated fund is required
  1. If applicable, select the desired organization from the Organization list.
  2. Click Contribution List in the Offering Module.
  3. Use the column heading filters to help locate the contribution you want to correct (see image below).
    • For example, to locate the contribution by an envelope number, type the envelope number in the Env # filter field
    • The search returns both broad and exact matches for the value entered. If you enter envelope #11, the search will return contributions posted for envelope numbers 1125, 110, 211, etc. (anything containing a 10).
  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the contribution record you want to change. Then click the edit icon (pencil) in the toolbar. The edit Contribution window is displayed.

  1. In the Amount field, type the correct contribution amount. Only the information under the Contribution Record heading may be updated here.

  2.  In the Reason field, supply the reason for the change.

  3. Click Save, then Close to exit.


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