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How to add a class

The instructions for adding a class with a schedule or without a schedule are the same until step 3. You may add a new class from the dashboard or from the classes page.


  1. From either Dashboard or Classes, select the +Add Class option as shown in each image below.

  2. In the Class Details section, enter the following required information for the class you are adding:

    • Class Name: name of the class
    • Capacity: specify the maximum number of enrollees allowed
    • Term: select the term in which the class is offered
    • Grade(s): check grade levels that make up the class
    • Dept.: select the department to which the class belongs.


  1. Choose from the following two options to learn how to add a class accordingly:



How to add a class with a schedule

  1. Click the button for Add Class & Add Schedule

  2. Complete the following to check room availability and to generate an initial schedule which you will finalize at a later step. 

    • Under Step 1, select the session from the Session
    • Specify the start and end times for the class. The default time is 12:00 AM. To change the hour, select the hour and then type the hour or use the arrow keys to select the hour. To change the minutes, select the minutes and then type the minutes or use the arrow keys to select the minutes. To change the time of day, select AM and then use the arrow key to change to PM.
    • Select the building and room. The Availability column displays "All Available" if the system detects no scheduling conflicts.
    • Click the Generate Class Schedule button. An initial schedule will display based on your time and building and room selections.
  1.  You can now finalize the schedule. Under Step 2: Finalize Class Schedule, do one of the following:

    •  If all time and room assignments are available and no changes are required, click the Save Schedule button and you are done.

    • If you need to change any of the time and room assignments, make the necessary changes. If the system identifies a conflict, you see this message in the Availability column: :

      1. click the message to display the Room Availability calendar, which shows you sources of conflict.

      2. Use the controls above the calendar to change times and building locations. 

      3. Click Save which will save your changes and return to the schedule.
      4. Click the Save Schedule button and you are done.


How to add a class without a schedule

  1.  Click the button for Add Class.



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