PSG Donors - Donor Profile: How to update or change donor envelope numbers

How to update or change donor envelope numbers

  1. Go to Donors.


  1. Choose a Donor Account to make changes to and click on Action and select View Transactions.


  1. In the Donor profile find the section titled Envelope # and click on the blue edit button.


  1. A new window will pop-up that will ask you for an Envelope number.  Enter it here and hit Submit.  **Note, if you have Integration turned on, the Envelope number will switch to either the Family DUID (ex. F_123456) or Member DUID (ex. M_123456).  If a number in this format is already in the envelope field, leave it there and do not enter any other numbers.  This number is needed for ParishSoft Integration, and the Donor's contributions will not Integrate correctly without it.**


  1. The Envelope Number for this Donor will now show as the number or series of numbers and letters that you entered.
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