PSG Organization - Email Templates: How to Remove a Donor's Permanent Password from the New Donor Email Template

How to delete a Donor's Permanent Password from the New Donor Email Template

If your New Donor template is currently set to include the New Donor's permanent password when they register, you can modify the template to remove it.

  1. To do this go to Organization and choose Email Templates.
  2. The Email Templates page will load to whatever Email Template is at the top of the templates list.  In the case of our demo site, it's the Donation Receipt template.  That's alright because we can always click on the template drop-down and choose the New Donor template.
  3. Once in the New Donor template, go ahead and find the section that lists the tag [password].  Highlight it and delete it from the template.  Then hit Save.
  4. Once you've saved your changes, the Email Template will alert you that your Template has been saved at the top of the page.  You will now be able to see that the password section is now missing from the template.
  5. So now, when you have new donors that sign up for a giving account they will now get an introduction email that looks like this:

    No permanent passwords will be included, and all password reset emails for Donors included only a temporary password.


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