Legacy Offering - Reports: How to create a report of today's postings

How to create a report of today's postings

  1. Click Contribution List.
  2. Click Quick Reports. Then, select the View Today's Postings option.

  1. The Today's Postings report will display in the Report Viewer. If it does not display, check your browser setting to make sure pop-up exceptions have been added.

You can view, save, or print the report. The standard report outputs are as follows: PDF, XLS, RTF, MHT, Text, CSV, and Image.

Following is an example of a Today's Postings report. The report contains a line item for each family and shows detailed information about the contribution, including the donor's family name, envelope number, contribution amount, date of donation. The bottom of the report shows  the total number of contributions posted that have a posting date that is the same as today's date and the total dollar amount of the contributions.

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