PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to format ZIP codes that start with zero in Excel

How to format ZIP codes that start with zero in Excel

For Organizations that have ZIP codes that start with the number Zero, doing an export to Excel can be time-consuming.

Even if the Zip codes are entered in Family Suite correctly (ex. 03003) Excel re-formats the zip code to read as a valid number once you open it up in Excel (ex. so 03003 becomes 3003). 

To correct this without having to go into each and every cell and enter in a zero, you can just reformat the cell to read as a zip code. This should only be done for the five-digit postal code column, not for the Plus 4 column. 


  1. Highlight the Zip Code Column.
  1. Go to Format1 and choose Format Cells2.   
  1. Choose the Category of Special and then:
    • select the Zip+4 column and click OK. 
    • Choose Custom
    • Enter 0000 as the custom format.
    • This will display all zip+4 codes as a 4-digit number.
  1. This will now update your data to the proper format so that the zip codes display correctly.


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