PSFS Offering - Posting: How to post a non-cash contribution also known as Gifts in Kind

How to post a non-cash contribution also known as Gifts in Kind

If your organization accepts contributions for non-cash items, such as household items, clothing, and automobiles, you can post the cash value of those contributions into your system. The cash value is the fair market value (the price a typical buyer would actually pay) of the item at the time it is donated. Before you can post non-cash contributions, you need to set up a new fund for the special purpose of managing donations of non-cash or soft gift items.

You may want to check with your tax professional on how gifts in kind are handled by the IRS for tax purposes.

Posting a  non-cash  contribution

In supported browsers, you can use the Tab key or the Enter key to advance the cursor from one entry field to the next.

  1. Click Posting.
  2. Select the Detailed Posting option.
    • By default, the application assumes you are ready to post and that you are posting by envelope number. Therefore, the starting point for the cursor is in the Env # field (in the Posting section). You can choose a different starting point by clicking in any editable field.
    • The application is designed to help you efficiently perform the tasks necessary to record contributions. Therefore, it "remembers' the settings from the previous posting session and uses them to set default filters, posting data, and options. The application "remembers" the filter settings from your last posting session. If necessary, set the posting defaults and options to match your postings for the current session.
  3. You are now ready to post the non-cash contribution. Do the following:
    • If you are posting by envelope number, type family's envelope number in the Env # field.
    • If posting by last name or Family DUID, tab to the Post To field. Type the first few letters of the family's last name or type the Family DUID. Then, select the donor from the Post To list. The cursor advances to the Amount field.
  4. Type the dollar amount (cash value of the non-cash contribution) in the amount field.
  5. Use the memo section to record significant details about the contribution for thorough record-keeping.
  6. Click Save to post the contribution.


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