PSA L&P - Vendors: Setting up vendor types

Setting up vendor types

Organizations may setup vendor types for many reasons.  Vendor types are categories that you can assign vendors in your system to. Vendors for whom you assign a type can then be organized for reporting purposes and searches. For example you can create a 1099 vendor type. A vendor may be assigned ONLY one Vendor Type.

Below are some examples of types that could be created:

  • 1099
  • Contractors
  • Employee
  • Parish
  • Raffle
  • School
  • Utility

To setup a vendor type, go to Setup → Vendors → Vendor Type:

Simply fill out the description and click Submit to create the vendor type:

You will have to assign the vendor(s) you have identified a Vendor Type in the Vendor screen:

Once a vendor type has been defined you can filter reports by one or more vendor types:

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