PSG Reports - G3 | Canned Reports: How to view a report listing donors' ParishSOFT Giving pledges

How to view a report listing donors' ParishSOFT Giving pledges

If a donor creates a pledge in ParishSoft Giving, it's important to note that the pledge will not import into ParishSoft Family Suite, nor will it create a new pledge for the member or family in the Family Suite application.

The way Pledges work in ParishSoft Giving is more of a reminder that someone has a pledge or has set a goal to pledge, and it reminds them of their giving and Progress to that Goal.

  1. To get to the Pledge Report go to Reports and choose Canned Reports.  In Canned Reports select the Pledges Report.
  2. The report will look similar to the following.

The Pledge Report can show you:

  • The Date someone pledged in ParishSoft Giving
  • How much someone has as a pledge goal
  • The fund they pledged to
  • The Pledge end date
  • The amount donated so far
  • The status of the pledge
  • Months left on the pledge
  • Monthly installment amount or impact on overall contributions for the Organization

Printing the Report

While there isn't currently a feature for exporting this report as a CSV file, there are several ways you can print it.

  1. You can right-click the page with the report and choose the option to "Print."

    The report looks like this when printed:

  2. You can Copy the content of the report by highlighting it and right-clicking to copy it (or you can do the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C).

    You can then paste the contents into an Excel or Numbers file and format it according to your preference:
    Once everything is formatted and readable, you can go ahead and print as you normally would.
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