DFS Offering - Batch: How to search for a batch in Desktop Offering

How to Search for a batch in Desktop Offering

First, we need to get to Batch Processing.

  1. Open up ParishSOFT Desktop Offering and click on "Post Contributions1."

    You will be alerted to the last posting date in the software, and you can click OK2.
  1. In Contribution Posting, go to the Batch Processing1 Menu and choose View Batch List2.
  1. This will open the Batch List window.  To search for a batch, enter in the date range1 that the batch was created, and hit GO2.  This will bring your results to the List of Batches3 section below.
  1. To sort by the order in which the batches were created, click on the BatchID column header so that the highest number is on top.  Now all you have to do is to select the Batch you were looking for to view the batch details.


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