PSG Admin - Donors/Add Donor: How an administrator adds a new donor from the ParishSOFT Giving Donor's Page

How an administrator adds a new donor from the ParishSOFT Giving Donor's Page 

There are two ways that Donor Profiles can be created in ParishSOFT Giving:

  1. The donor can create a profile in the Donor Portal (New Donor Sign Up Instructions)
  2. A manager on the giving site can create a profile for them as instructed below.

Instructions for giving site manager to create a donor profile

  1. To add a donor from the giving site on the Admin side, go to the Donors section of the control panel:
  2. Click on Add Donor.


  1. A new window prompting for information on the new donor will display.  Fields with a red asterisk are required.  Click Save when done.


  1. Once the profile is successfully saved, you'll get an alert in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  Select Click Here to refresh the page.


  1. You will now be able to see the new Donor in the Donor List.

    The Email address you added for your donor will receive a welcome email (if they're not a managed giver) giving them their username. If your member does not want to supply an email address, see this article. If your Organization still hasn't edited your Email Template for New Donors, they may be given a password as well.  If you want to change that, see: Remove Password from New Donor Email Template


The Donor should now be able to set up their password and login to add gifts and payment methods.


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