PSG Donors - Donor Portal: How to Create a Giving Account

How to Create a Giving Account

 To create a giving account from the donor portal, first, go to your Parish or Church Giving site.

Once there:

1.) Click on First Time? New User Registration on the left.


2.) You'll be given a form to fill out for your account information.  Once done, hit Submit.


 3.) You'll be taken to the Quick Give, or One-Time-Gift page once done.  You can tell which section you are in on the giving site by looking at which option has a small arrow to the right of it.


4.) You can now set up a Quick Give (One Time Gift) or a Scheduled Gift (Recurring Gift) at this time if you choose.  You can see a few how-to articles for steps on each process at the bottom of this article.

5.) When you check your email, the welcome email from ParishSOFT Online giving will look something like this and come from  If your email doesn't arrive, try checking your Spam Folder, Trash, and Junk Folders, and add to your trusted senders or contacts.


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