PSG Organization - ChMS Integration: Checklist

Integration Checklist

Before you start Integrating  ParishSoft Giving with ParishSoft Family Suite, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Make sure that you have turned ON all the Integration Settings in Family Suite (How to set up Family Suite for Integration).
  2. Check the Fund Settings to enable Import on any funds you wish contributions to import to (How to set up Family Suite Offering for imports).
  3. In ParishSoft Giving, make sure each Donor who has an envelope # has it listed in their Giving profile (How to update or change donor envelope numbers in ParishSoft Giving).  Once Integration is turned on, the Envelope # field will hold the Donor's Family DUID (ex. F_12345) or Member DUID (ex. M_12345) for Integration purposes.  It's important for integration that you do not edit this number back to the envelope number.  If you do Contribution Data Exports while Integration is turned on, the file will populate with these numbers instead of the actual Envelope Number.
  4. Enter the URL for your ParishSOFT Family Suite Site and your Family Suite Org ID into the ChMS Login Credentials area of the Giving Site (Step 1 of: How to setup ChMS Integration in ParishSOFT Giving and How to find your Organization ID).
  5. Add Fund Mapping (A default Fund is not required) for your Funds and click "Enable ConnectNow Integration" (Step 2 and onward: How to setup ChMS Integration in ParishSOFT Giving).  If you make changes to any fund names after creating Fund Mapping, you will have to delete the Fund Mapping for that fund and redo it.  You will also have to update all of the Auto-Donations tied to that updated Fund (How to update Auto-Donations with changes made to a fund)
  6. Check your Sync Errors Report Regularly to clear Sync Errors (The ChMS Sync Errors Report and Identifying Errors in the ChMS Sync Errors Report).

If you run into any issues not outlined or detailed in our Articles, please call ParishSOFT Support at 866-930-4774 extension 2 for the Support Department.

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