PSG Settings - G3 | Design: How to add a banner image to your ParishSOFT giving site

How to add a banner image to your ParishSOFT giving site

To add a banner image to your ParishSOFT Giving Site, first, take your image and using a program such as Paint for optimal results, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • The overall size must be under 3 MB, anything more than that will not upload. Also, the file should be saved as a .png type.
  • The image dimensions should be 800 x 110 px for the header image. This file must also be less than 300 kb.
  • The background image doesn't have to be a particular dimension, but must be under 300KB.
  1. Go to Settings and select the Design option from the available options.


  1. In the Design page, on the Header Image section click on Choose File. Then select your file from the file browser window that pops up.

    and then


  1. Once you've uploaded your file, click the Update button.


  1. To preview your changes, click the Preview URL at the top of the Design page.

    and then you should see the updated version of your Giving Site.


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