PSFS IQ - Family List: How to find all non-givers with envelope numbers

How to find all non-givers with envelope numbers

You need to find all your envelope recipients who are not sending contributions so you can save the expense of producing and mailing them envelopes.

First, you will open the IQ module and add the following columns and conditions:

  1. Columns = Families: Last name; Families: Envelope Number; Families: Family DUID
  2. Conditions = Families: Envelope number: is greater than: 0;
  3. Conditions = Family DUID: not in sub-query: [edit sub-query]


  1. Click Edit sub-query

    In your sub-query, add the following:


  1. Contributions: payment amount: is greater than: 0 (the sub-query is going to EXCLUDE the givers)
  2. Contributions: payment date: is between: (enter your date range)
  3. Click OK


  1. Click Execute Query
  2. Once the results have populated, from "Query Results," choose "Export to CSV" or you can create a Family Workgroup from the results.


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