PSFS Family Directory - Giving History: How to view Family and Member Giving History

How to view Family and Member Giving History

There are several places you can look in order to view a Family or Member's Giving History in ParishSOFT Family Suite. Note, you will only see transactions for which you have fund permissions

  • The first is through the Home page by selecting the tab Giving History.
  • The second is through the Offering module by selecting the tab Giving History.
  • The third and fourth ways are through the Family or Member Record for the Giver. To view Giving History through this method go to Family  List.
    1. Search for the Donor for which you wish to view the Giving History.
    2. Click on the name of the Family, and then click on Giving History.
    3. You will then be presented with the Family Giving History.

      Select a year and or specific funds from the available dropdowns to customize your search.  You can click the checkbox for "Include Member information" to see the Individual Member Contributions included with the Family Contributions.  You can also click on individual family members to see any associated contributions in their individual Giving Histories.


How to manage fund permissions by member

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