PSFS Offering - Contribution List: Error - "Oops Something Went Wrong"

Contribution List: Error - "Oops Something Went Wrong"

Issue Summary:

You'd like to view the Contribution List, but you're getting an error, "Oops. Something Went Wrong" every time you click on it.


Proposed Solution:

The reason this error is generating, is because the date range for the contribution list is too wide and the system is timing out trying to load so many contributions. In order to correct it please follow these steps (It should be noted that an Organization Admin will have to resolve this issue): 

  1. As an Organization Admin, remove fund permissions for the user getting the error
  2. Login as the user getting the error (if necessary)
  3. Go to OfferingContribution List
  4. Change the date range to something more narrow, click View Contributions
  5. Log back in as the Organization Admin (if necessary)
  6. Reassign the fund permissions

The error should now be resolved. If not, repeat steps 1-6 and try putting the same date as the start and end date in step 4. If it still is not resolved, please contact ParishSOFT Support at or 866.930.4774 x2


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