PSFS Religious Ed - Student Directory: How to restore a student record that went missing

How to restore a student record that went missing

When you go to the student directory or classes, you're no longer seeing a student who once belonged to the selected class. You're wondering how they got deleted and how to restore their record. 

The reason the student is no longer in the class is either because someone at the parish deleted them from the class, or someone deleted the whole family from the family directory (this could have happened by accident).


To restore the student record:

  1. In the Family Directory Tab under Family List, select the Add a New Family Button.
  2. Enter the Last Name of the Family and any other information you have and click Search.
  3. The subsequent list will give the Family Name, Registered Organization, etc.
  4. Select the Family you would like to have available for contributions by clicking the radio button to the left of their name and then select the Move Selected Family button at the bottom. Choose either As Registered or As Unregistered. Do NOT add a completely new family. 

    In the future, if families report that they no longer wish to be registered, the parish should simply mark them as "unregistered" instead of deleting them from the family list: How to mark an existing family record as registered with your parish (un-check the box to un-register a family) 



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