OLG Give a New Gift - Error: Clicking on "Give a New Gift" gives: Unexpected Application Error

Clicking on "Give a New Gift" gives: Unexpected Application Error


Donors can log into their account, but when they click on the option to Give a New Gift they are sent to an error page that says:



This error will be due to 1 or more issues:

  1. Payment Settings
  2. Fund Settings


1. First check Payment Settings:
From the admin's main menu go to: Payment Settings

Make sure that there are selections for each of the following categories: (1) Accepted Payment Methods, (2) Accepted Contribution Frequencies, (3) Accepted Days for Giving, (4) Accepted Days of the Month for Donations:


If you made any changes, save them, and then test and see if you get the error. If you still get the error, please move on to step 2: 


2. Fund Settings 
From the Admin's main menu click Funds

Make sure that at least one fund is set up as Active and Public with NO End Date: 

Make sure there are NO funds that have an End Date and a Status of Active.  In the below example Capital Campaign will cause error messages in the Giving site:

Login as a donor, click Give a New Gift and the error should no longer appear. If it does, please contact support at support@parishsoft.com or 866.930.4774 x2



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