PSFS Offering - Batches: How to delete an OPEN duplicated imported batch

How to delete an OPEN duplicated imported batch

You must first delete each contribution from the duplicate batch; then you may delete the batch.

  1. Decide which of the two (or more) duplicated batches you will keep. 
  2. In Batch Management, click the edit icon to the left of the batch you want to delete so you can rename it, "Delete This Batch."


How to rename the batch

  1. Click into the Batch Description field, highlight the contents, and type 'Delete This Batch.'
    • Copy the new batch name to the clipboard (highlight the Batch Description field and click the CTRL-C keys).
  2. In the Reason field, enter the reason for the edit.
  3. Click the Save button.



How to find the duplicate entries in the Contribution List

  1. Enter the date range of the duplicates
  2. Click View Contributions
  3. Then paste the copied batch name in the "Batch" field which brings up ONLY the entries in the batch you've decided to delete.
  4. Click the box to the left of the column header, 'Posting Date,' which will select all the items listed. 
  5. Click the trash can icon.


How to delete the batch

Once you have deleted all the contributions from the duplicate batch, go back to the batch list and check the box of your renamed (now empty) batch, and click "Delete Batch."


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