OLG Administration - Data Export: How to enable funds for import 

How to enable funds for import 

To make sure your My Own Giving data exports successfully, you must first make sure your funds are set for import in Parishsoft Family Suite Offering module. From the Fund Management page: 

  1. Click the Edit icon
  2. Click "Enable Import" checkbox
  3. Click Save


Take note of the "Fund ID' number in the Fund Management page because that number will need to be entered into your My Own Giving funds:

Once you have your funds enabled in the Family Suite, and you have the Fund IDs, open your My Own Giving so you can set the funds to "Enable Import for ConnectNow Offering." From "Manage My Church," click on "Funds."

Select the fund you want to enable from your funds' list and:

  1. Check the "Enable Import for ConnectNow Offering" checkbox
  2. Enter the Fund ID from the Family Suite
  3. Click Submit

Once you have followed these instructions, your funds will be set to export from My Own Giving and to import into the Family Suite.

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