Legacy Offering - Reports: How to get an envelope list of families who are actively giving

How to get an envelope list of families who are actively giving

The Contribution Summary report summarizes the total and average contributions made to selected funds by givers in your organization. The filter options in the setup enable you to build a custom report of members by selecting specific funds, givers, a contribution date range, and contribution amount range. You may use this report to get a list of members who have given in the selected time range which includes their envelope number. The report will produce the following information for each member which meets the filter requirements.


To list currently active givers, make the following selections:

  1. In the Offering tab, Click Reports.

  2. From the Category menu, select Contributions. Then, select Summary to display the configuration for this report.

    For example:


Set up the report

Do the following: During the setup, the Contribution Summary section in the lower-left automatically updates as you make new selections.

  1. Starting on the Fund tab, select individual funds or select the checkbox in the grid header (to the left of the Description header) to select all funds in the list.

  2. Click Filters to display the Filters tab. Then, do the following:

    • Select the contribution date range. Since you want a report on all active givers, you would use a current time frame.

    • Make sure to unmark the Include $0 Contributions check box.

    • In the Membership Filters group, select the desired options for these filters: Note: if you want all givers regardless of their registration, family group, or family Workgroups, make sure you use the broadest selections (both, all, all)

      • Family Registration

      • Family Group

      • Family Workgroups

    • In the Givers group, click into the Include Non-Givers in Report option to unmark it, since you want only those who are actively giving.

  1. Click Givers to advance to the Givers tab.

    • The Givers tab shows the names of givers who match your filter criteria.

    • Select the checkbox in the grid header (to the left of the Family Name header) to select all givers in the list.

  1. To generate the report, click View Report.

    The report opens in the Report Viewer. The following illustration shows you an example of the information contained in a Contribution Summary report:

  2. Use the toolbar controls at the top of the Report Viewer to page through the report, export and save it, or print it.


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