DFS Family Directory - Family List: How to create a new family record for a member of an existing family

How to create a new family record for a member of an existing family 

To create a new family record then move an existing member record (with all of its details) from its old family record to the new, simply use the "Import" feature as described in the following steps. You must have view and edit privileges to import a member into a family

  1. Create a new family record:
    (a) Click on Family Info → Add New Family.

    (b) Enter the family name using the last name and first name of the person you are going to import.  (c) Click Submit Search Criteria. (d) Click OK for no records found in search.

    (d) Click Yes on Create New local Family.

  2. Fill in the new family record, entering the new address and other family information; then click  Update. This automatically creates a new family record which includes a new Member Details record.

  3. In the new Family record (a) Click on the Members tab. (b) **Important** Change the first name of the new member record to Placeholder.

  4. While still in the Member Details tab of the new family record,  import the member from the old family record to the new:  (a) Click on the "Import" tab.

    (b) Search for the last name.  (c) Click the name of the member you are moving, then click "Accept" at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Delete the Placeholder member record from the new family's record: (a) Select the Placeholder record. (b) Click Edit Details. (c) Click the "Delete" button in the lower right corner. The delete button is only active in the Edit Details screen of an existing member's record when there is more than one member record. This is why you must import the moving record into the family before deleting the Placeholder record.
  6. Update any information necessary on the member's detail page and click Update.

The question may then be asked, "Where would the financial data go?" (after splitting the families).  If the financial data is assigned to the family, and a spouse has moved to a new family, the financial data would stay with the spouse in the old family record. If the financial data is assigned to the member, the information will follow the member record to its new family.


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