PS Dio DDM - Parish Reports: Designations Details (Pledged) Report Information

Designations Details (Pledged) Report Information

The report will generate a separate page of information for each parish that is selected. There are 2 types of reports that can be generated based on the selection made in the "Details For" drop down.

The Pledged sub-report shows the distribution of cash by amount pledged across all allowable designations for the selected fund:

  • Family Name displays the information of the family who has made the pledge. 
  • Pledge ID displays the unique identifier that associates the pledge with the family
  • Designation displays a breakdown of the percentages of the total pledged amount in which is designated to a specific fund. 
  • Paid displays the total amount that has been paid towards the pledge. 
  • All proceeding columns listed are the abbreviations used to represent the amount that is pledged for a particular fund. These abbreviations are established in the Designations Setup within the Fund Management page.
  • Und indicates that the amount that is not designated to a pledge. 
  • A Key is listed on the bottom left of the page that displays the full fund name.
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