PS Dio DDM - Parish Reports: How to generate a Parish Master Report

How to generate a Parish Master Report

  1. Click on Diocesan Development, then click on Parish Reports.
  2. From the Select a Fund menu, select the fund for which you want to produce the report.
  3. From the Select a Report menu, select Parish Master Report to display the report setup.
  4. The default format for displaying the names of organizations in this report is name of organization followed by name of city. To reverse the format, select the City, Organization Name option from the Organization Name Format list.
  5. From the Organization menu, select the organizations you want to include in the report. To select. press and hold the Ctrl key while selecting the desired organizations. After selecting all of the organizations you want to include in the report, release the Ctrl key.
  6. To view all organizations in the report, click Select All Organizations.
  7. By default, the three sub-report options are selected, which means they will be included with the main report:
  8. Refund Details: provides line-item detail associated with the refund checks issued by the diocese to the parish. This report can serve as a useful accounting resource to support major fundraising activities, such as multi-year capital campaigns and annual appeals.
  9. Givers: generates a list of the names of givers to the selected fund along with giving details (for example, amount pledged, payment frequency, amount paid, and balance owed).
  10. Non-Givers: generates a list of names of individuals who have not yet given to the selected fund.
  11. In the Select Date section, click the calendar icon in the End Date fields and specify a date range for the report if necessary.
  12. Download PDF will save a PDF version of the report to your computer.
  13. Download CSV will save an excel version of the report to your computer.

For information related to what displays in the Parish Master Report, refer to Parish Master Report Information 


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