PS Dio DDM - Parish Reports: All Parishes Refund Shortfall Report Information

All Parishes Refund Shortfall Report Information

The All Parishes Refund Shortfall details each parish’s goal amount, the total pledged and paid, and any refund or shortfall (both anticipated and due). This report replaces and enhances the Parish Payback report in the DDM desktop application. 

This report presents pledge and contribution data contained in closed batches only. This requirement creates safeguards to help protect users’ financial data.

It also helps ensure that data processing staff follow proper procedures and exercise internal controls by closing a batch after it is reconciled with the accounting system and with the bank statement.

For the fund selected in the report setup, the All Parishes Refund Shortfall report provides the following details:

       Each selected organization's goal amount.

       The total amount pledged and total paid as of the date specified in the report setup.

       Refund (anticipated, issued, and due).

       Shortfall (anticipated, actual, and due).

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