PS Dio DDM - Funds: How to add/delete designations for funds

How to add/delete designations for funds

Designations Setup options enable you to structure a fund so that donors can split contribution amounts to direct their gifts to multiple functional areas that they care most about or toward different areas of need.

Click on the Diocesan Development Tab and then click Funds.


Select the Organization and Fund associated with the parish.


Click on Designations Setup located on the bottom left of the page.


The Designations Setup dialog box will display. Designations that have been previously added will be listed. To delete a designation, click on the delete icon next to the Designation Name.


The system will display a prompt confirming to delete the designation. Click OK.


To add a designation, click on the Add Designation button.


The dialog box will expand prompting you to enter the designation name, code, and indicate whether the pledge should be active.

Click the Save button when finished.


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