PS Dio DDM - Funds: How to set up frequency options for funds

How to set up frequency options for funds

The Frequency Setup enables you to configure the default payment frequency values (weekly, monthly, quarterly) available for givers to select when they are setting up pledges made to the selected fund.


Click on the Diocesan Development Tab and then click Funds.


Select the Organization and Fund associated with the parish.


Click on Frequency Setup


The Frequency Setup dialog box displays.

  • Frequency - Displays all frequency types available for funds. 
  • Active - Toggle which frequency option will be available for givers.
  • Default - Sets the default frequency option for givers. Only one frequency type can be set to the default. 
  • Term (in months) - Specify the default length of the fund’s pledge period in months. For example, if the pledge term is three years, enter 36 months.
  • Down Payment Behavior - If the pledge accepts a down payment, the down payment can count as the first installment of the term (for example, as the first annual or first quarterly payment). If you want the down payment to serve as the first installment, select the checkbox.
  • Month Selections - For each frequency type you selected, select the check boxes for the months you want to send pledge reminders and schedule electronic billing.


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