PS Dio DDM - Administration: How to configure options in DDM

How to configure options in DDM

The Administration page enables a DDM administrator to configure options that apply to all DDM funds. Some options are set to default shown in the image below.

  • Only Batch Owner Can Modify Pledges in Batch (The person who initially creates a batch is considered the rightful owner).
    • If selected, only the batch owner is permitted to change pledges in a batch.
    • If not selected, all privileged users, including users who do not own the batch, can make modifications to pledges.

  • Reset Appeal Code in Pledge Screen for every new Pledge
    • If selected, the application automatically displays no default value (the field is blank) in the Appeal Code list for each new pledge.
    • If not selected, the application displays the value the user selected for the prior pledge as the default in the Appeal Code list for each new pledge.

  • In Pledge Management, only show OBO Parishes that have goals
    • If this option is selected, only OBO parishes that have goals configured are available for selection in the On Behalf Of list located on the desktop Pledge Management screen.
    • If this option is not selected, all organizations in your database are available for selection from the On Behalf Of list located on the desktop Pledge Management screen.

  • In Parish Refunds, show negative refunds
    • If selected, negative refunds are shown.

  • Allow OBO changes even if (the) batch is closed
    • If selected, pledges can accept OBO changes even after the batch containing the pledges is closed.

  • Default Date
    • Last Pledge/Contrib Date: the date of the most recent pledge or contribution.
    • Current Batch Date: the date of the current batch (recommended).
    • Current Date: today’s date.

  • Pledge Start/End Dates
    • Display Start Date for Pledge Entry: displays the start date only.
    • Display End Date for Pledge Entry: displays the end date only.

  •  Parish Reports Fund Org 
    • From the drop-down list, select the organization that owns the funds displayed for Parish Reports.


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