Facility Scheduler - Event Planning: How to schedule an event

How to schedule an event 

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

  1. Click Events
  2. Click Event
  3. Click New.

    Below is a series of screens that show how each tab may be filled out. The content in each screen is fully dependent on how each category has been set up.
  4. Event Tab
    (A) Event Times: The default time frame is 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To change this to an evening event, start by changing the end time.
    (B) Event Type: Always leave this at Normal when first setting up the event. Later, you may change it to recurring if pertinent. The steps for this come later.
    (C) Event Category/Color
    • Event Category: Adding a category here will allow you to filter on that category when viewing your Event Planning Calendar.
    • Color: If you want to color code certain events so they stick out more on the Event Calendar, you may select a different color.
  5. Facility Tab: All of these options are added through Setup → Rooms
    (A) Rooms: When you select a room here, it will display as locked when you go to add a new event for the same timeframe in a new event.
    • Notice how in this example the Gallery has a lock icon showing it is locked and cannot be used for this event.
    • The Gathering Room allows us to mark it with a checkmark, reserving it for this event.
    (B) Room Options: Select Normal in most cases.
    (C) Off Campus: If your event is scheduled off campus, you may fill in the information in this section.
  6. Setup/Equipment Tab: These options are added through Setup → Resources or Combo Boxes and are to help the facility administrator know how to set up the event.
    (A) Arrangement: These options are added through Setup → Combo Boxes and are used by the facility administrator for room setup formats such as tables w/chairs or rows of chairs.
    (B) Mark the boxes for each of these shared areas you will use. Also, enter the number of people expected. 
    (C) Equipment: Added through Resources → Equipment (also on the main screen as Equipment)
    (D) Options: Added through Resources → Tables and Resources → Chairs to reserve these items for your event; if these resources are limited, other concurring event planners will know they must rent additional tables and chairs 
  7. Staff Tab: The staff are added through Setup → Resources
  8. Groups Tab: The staff are added through Setup → Resources
  9. Planning Tab
  10. Room Setup Report: Once your event is set up, you may print off a Room Setup Report to hand out to all who may need to know the expected set up and other particulars about the event.
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