PSFS Offering - Batches: How to fix out-of-balance errors

How to fix out-of-balance errors

After you enter contributions into a batch, you may occasionally be prevented from committing the batch because it is out of balance.

All batches posted to Offering must be in balance.

An in-balance batch is one for which the total dollar amount of the contributions entered into the batch equals the amount entered into the Cash Total field in the batch record. After you finish entering contributions, you will know that the two totals match if the Batch Information section shows $0.00 in the Balance field. If the amount displayed is not $0.00 (see the next illustration), the batch is out of balance and must be corrected.

The batch in the following illustration is out of balance. We know this because the amount showing in the Balance field is greater than $0.00:

To resolve an out-of-balance situation, determine the source of the error. Follow these troubleshooting tips:

  1. In the Posting section, check all contributions you entered into the batch to verify that they were entered correctly. Compare each entry to the amount written on the contribution envelope and to the cash or check amount.

    • If you find it easier to reconcile the batch using a printout of the details, print a Quick Entry Batch report. To find out how to generate this report, go to How to create a Quick Entry Batch Report.

  1. Then, try the following:

    • If you find a discrepancy due to a data entry error, fix the problem using any of the following methods that apply:

      • If a contribution amount was entered by mistake, return to the batch entry form to enter the correct amount into the Amount field.

      • If a contribution is missing from the batch, return to the batch entry form to add it. To do this, press the Tab or Enter key to add a new line item and enter the missing contribution’s data. Press the Tab or Enter key again to submit it.

      • If the same contribution was entered more than once, return to the batch entry form to delete the duplicate entries. Click the trash icon to delete the duplicate from the batch.

    • If all of the contributions in the batch match the amounts on the envelopes and the amounts on the checks and submitted cash, the cash total for the batch is incorrect and must be changed. To fix the cash total, complete the following:

      1. Click Batches to display the Batch Management page.

      2. In the Status dropdown list, select the Quick Entry option to show quick entry batches only.

      3. Find the batch. Click  and then Edit to open the batch in edit mode.

      4. Change the amount in the Cash Total field. In the Reason field, type the reason for making the change.

      5. Click Save. Then, click Close to return to the Batch Management page.

  1. Verify that the batch is balanced. To do this, complete these steps:

    • Click Posting, and then select the Quick Entry Posting option.

    • Select the batch you just corrected. Then, click Launch Quick Entry Contribution Posting Page  to open the batch entry form.
      If the Balance field at the top of the form now shows $0.00, the batch is now in balance:

      You can now take steps to commit the batch and, if you have the appropriate permissions, close it. For instructions, go to How to commit a Quick-Entry Batch.

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