PSFS - IQ: Batches closed in a certain date range

How to query for batches based on their Date Closed 

If you are looking for a list of your batches that were closed within a certain time frame this query will give you an overview of the batches.

Result Columns: Batches → Batch DUID (this is the same as the Batch ID in Offering), Batches → Description, Batches → Date Closed, Batches → Final Amount (this is the "cash total") 

Query Conditions:

First select Batches → Closed then make sure the condition says "is equal to" and type in "1"

For the second condition select Batches → Date Closed; then make sure the condition says "between" and enter in your start end dates. If you are only interested in one date, choose "is" instead of between and then enter the date.


The results of this query should allow you to verify the date you batch was closed. This can be used as an audit method for comparison with deposits made in the PS Accounting software. 

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