DFS Family Directory - Email: Why email doesn't always work

Why email doesn't always work

PairshSOFT's Desktop Family Suite uses a simple email pass-through system to send emails through your email server. There are times when emails fail to send resulting in a failure notification. Conversely, sometimes these emails show as "sent" but are never received. This article addresses each of these scenarios.

Reasons emails fail to send

Incorrect Credentials: First always verify that the email account name and password are accurate. One of the most common causes of failure sending mail through the Family Suite is an incorrect password. 

Server and Port are incorrect or their settings are incorrect: Verify with your email administrator that the entered Outgoing Email Server and Port Information are correct. Also, verify that they have no encryption enabled such as SSL or TLS, for those settings. Our Desktop software was built in a simpler time, before email encryption, and does not support it. 

Invalid email addresses: Another possibility is that there are invalid email addresses on your sending list. If this is the case it will be reflected in the error message you receive. 

If you have verified all of this information but are still getting a message through the user interface contact Support


Possible reasons emails were not received

The email went to spam: Ensure that the person receiving the message checks their spam folder.

The email was blocked by the server: Check with your Email Administrator to see if emails are being sent successfully from the server. Since the Family Suite sends mail using your email server, there should be a log of those messages. Although the emails send successfully through the client they get blocked by the server and thus do not reach their destination. 

Recipients' ISP blocked inbound email: As email protocol and security standards increase, more and more messages are being flagged as spam. There is a chance that the recipient's Internet Service Provider is blocking messages from your email server. If that is the case contact your email administrator to inquire what can be done. 

Email quantity limits: Many email providers have also started to lower the limit on the number of emails that can be sent at once, per day, and per month via a personal email account. You may be hitting this limit. For Bulk Mailing, we recommend ParishCast available through ParishSOFT, or another third party bulk mailing vendor.


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