Legacy Offering - Reports: Why bulk mailing contributions statements is not an option

Why bulk mailing contributions statements is not an option

Contribution statements are not eligible to be sent at bulk mail rates because they contain individualized information specific to each parishioner. According to the USPS, any mail with individualized information must meet the following three criteria to qualify for bulk mail:

  1. The mailpiece must contain explicit advertising for a product or service for sale or lease or an explicit solicitation for a donation.
  2. All of the personal information in the mailpiece must be directly related to the advertising or solicitation.
  3. The exclusive reason for the inclusion of any personal information must be to support the advertising or solicitation in the mailpiece.

Thus, a church can use bulk mail for personalized solicitations or event announcements, but not for contribution statements.

Since contribution statements should not be sent through bulk mail, we will not be implementing a feature to facilitate this practice.

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