Legacy Offering - Reports: Some contributions are missing from a statement

Some contributions are missing from a statement

Several things must be in place for contributions to print on statements.

The Fund must be marked as Tax-Deductible

Go to Offering → Funds and ensure the Tax Deductible box is checked. 

The posting date must be within the time frame of the statement

Go to Offering → Contribution List and enter the identifying information for this giver to pull up this giver's contributions.

  • Check the posting date of the contribution that is missing from the statement to ensure it falls within the correct date span.
  • If the contribution does not display, expand the date range above the grid. Keep expanding it until the contribution displays. If it never displays but you know it has been entered, go to the next point.

Make sure the person printing the statement has Fund Permissions for the missing contributions

Go to Offering → Funds → Fund Permissions

  • Select the Manage by Member link
  • Mark the member's name who is printing the statements
  • Scroll through the funds listed and ensure the fund is checked for this member's name.
  • If not, mark the fund for that member and re-print the statement.

Quick Entry Batches must be committed

Make sure any contributions which were added through Quick Entry Posting have at least been committed. Only contributions in committed batches will be present on statements. 

The statement filters have excluded those contributions

Fund: Was the fund to which the missing contribution was posted marked to be included on the statement? If not, ensure it is marked and run the statement again.



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