PSA L&P - Accounts: How to prevent a user from seeing specific accounts

How to prevent a user from seeing specific accounts

  • Account permissions are granted or limited by entity. 
  • A user with a Church Administrator login type will have automatic access to all entities.
  • Permissions and limits may not be set for specific accounts within an entity. It's all or nothing.
  • The dashboard will display bank account information for any user even if they do not have entity permission for the bank account, but they will not be able to drill down to the detailed information.
  • The user will not see memorized transactions which include accounts from an entity for which they do not have permission.

To grant or restrict access to accounts for a specific entity, a church administrator or diocese administrator must go to Church Manager → Permissions → Quick Find and pull up the user's name.

The very bottom of the Permissions Screen has the section for Entity-Level Permissions.


Screen comparison when a user has access to only one entity as compared to all entities:





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