PSG Reports - Deposits: How to use manual batching / funding

How to use manual batching / funding

  • This feature is only available to those that have Payment Brands as their processor and have requested this feature instead of the standard Auto-Batching most organizations use.
  • Most churches use Auto-Batching, where Payment Brands automatically batches together all of the transactions given to an organization in a given day, then funds them the money from that day all together in approximately 1-2 business days.
  • With Manual Batching, the church is simply not funded any money until they click the disburse button, then all transactions in the selected date range will be sent for settlement.

Once you have made the decision to use manual batching:

  1. Choose Reports
  2. Move the mouse Left and Click on the Deposits button. (Note: the deposits button may also be labeled as processing)
  3. You will now see the Deposits screen. The disburse button will show next to the total amount still owed to your organization. If it is clicked, your organization will be funded that money:



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