PSG Admin - G4 | Give Now Forms: How to add or edit the funds of a Give Now Form in G4

How to add or edit the funds of a Give Now Form in G4

Select the Forms Icon; then select the form you want to update by clicking the name of the form or by clicking the "..." next to the form name and selecting edit.

  1. A Giving Form (Give Now form) defaults to no funds

  2. To edit the funds, select the gear icon on the top right.

  3. From there select Fund Items.

  4. Any fund with Display selected will display for donors on the give now page and for those with text giving, it will display for text giving as well.

  5. If you'd like to re-order the funds, click on the dotted lines to the right of the fund and drag the field into the desired location.

    Whatever order is set for these funds will also be the order of funds for your Text Giving (if you have that feature).

  6. When you've finished making your changes
    Select OK.

    Select Save Changes at the bottom.

    Then, choose Publish.




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