PSG Admin - G4 | Managed Giver: How to set up Managed Giving accounts in G4

How to set up Managed Giving accounts in G4

Managed Givers are Givers who choose not to manage their own gifts to the organization and leave the management up to you.  Technically a Managed giver is one who doesn't have a valid email address listed for them, keeping them from having to worry about notification related to their account. 

Most Managed givers are set up with a email format.  It's alright if the email address is invalid, as long as the email address listed for the managed giver conforms to the email address format.

There are two ways to setup Managed Givers:

  1. Start a new gift using the Virtual Terminal feature.  This will require you to enter in the Donor information with the Managed Giver fake email on their account.  You can also simply create a Donor account in the Donor section with the previously listed email format.
  2. Edit scheduled/recurring gifts.  You can edit existing gifts at a Donor's request.
    1. Edit the Fund or Amount
    2. Change the Payment Method
    3. Cancel the gift




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