PSG Admin - G4 | Forms: How to add a convenience fee to donations

How to add a convenience fee to donations given by parishioners

  1. Click Forms.
  2. Choose the form you want to edit (for the basic giving form, choose Give Now).
  3. Click the three buttons to the right of the form.
  4. Choose Edit Form from the menu.​
  5. Click Form Properties at the bottom left.
  6. In Form Properties, click Payment1. Check the Convenience Fee box2. This will open a box that lets you enter the specifics of the convenience fee. Choose the options you want, then click OK3.

These instructions will allow you to add a convenience fee for any form, so you can ask donors to cover a convenience fee whenever they use online giving.

Note: a convenience fee can be considered tax deductible because it increases the size of the donation overall to cover the credit card fee. They are donating more to pay for the fee.

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