Legacy Offering - Reports: How the Past Due Report is used and how it calculates

How the Past Due Report is used and how it calculates

This report includes:

  • All families who have a pledge with a start date on or before today's date and a balance greater than $0.00 for the selected funds.
  • They must also have a shortfall amount greater than $0.00, which is calculated by the following:
    • (Total Expected Payments X Payment Amount) - Total Paid
    • If this amount is greater than the balance, then the balance is used instead.

      Total Expected Payments is calculated by projecting out the pledge payment schedule via a function (which will provide a "simulated" payment schedule from the pledge start date to the date in which the balance will become $0.00) and counts the number of payments which "should" have taken place before today's date.

      Payment Amount is calculated by the following: (Adjusted Total Pledged - Down Payment) / Total Payments.
      • Adjusted Total Pledged is just the total pledge amount
      • The adjustment amount and Total Payments are calculated by the following:
        • if payments per year are 1 and months amortized is less than or equal to 12, then it's 1
        • if gift type is "one time" or "one time gift", then it's 1; otherwise, it's (months amortized / 12) X payments per year.

Total Paid is just the total paid to date.


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