PSA L&P - Accounts: How / when to delete an account

How / when to delete an account

Before you delete an account, you must determine if you have permissions and if the account has historical data.

  1. Does the account have historical activity? 
    • If there is historical activity, you must archive the account instead. To find out, click the History link at the top of the Account Information window (underlined in the screenshot below).
  2. Is the delete button present? 
    • The delete button will not display if your login does not allow for it. If there is not a delete button but the account must be deleted, ensure all of the criteria listed below (see#3) are met, and then contact your church administrator or your managing organization to ask them for delete permissions or to ask them to delete the account.
  3. Is the account affiliated with any of the accounting processes described below? If so, you must handle those before you may delete (or archive) the account.

To delete an account, simply click the delete button at the bottom of the screen.


The following criteria must be met to delete an account

To delete an account:


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