PSA Church Manager - Users: How to personalize your account username and/or how to reset your password

How to personalize your account username and/or how to reset your password


When you first move to ParishSOFT Accounting, you have been given a generic account username, usually your customer number or the words Conversion User. It is important to personalize your account username.

Also, some customers use generic account names when they create new users, such as "secretary" or "bookkeeper".

Why is it important that each user has their own login?

  • Keep your finical records secure
  • Allow us to quickly support you
  • Ability to see who processed a transaction
  • Ability to restrict access to software or areas of the software
  • If you use a generic email address such as or you will not get our new release notifications since our email provider will not send to generic email accounts.
  • Logins should be reviewed to verify that the user's First Name, Last Name, and Email address are all correct.  If a login name is showing as Conversion User it needs to be updated to show the person's name who is using the login.
  • If a login is no longer needed it should be deactivated.
  • To have an accurate audit trail and for security reasons, a login should never be changed from one person to another or shared. 

How to update the account

To update each account, go to Church Manager → Users → Click Go next to the user. If you cannot do this, you must ask someone with admin rights are your organization to do it.

Update the user's information. Be sure to enter a valid email address.


Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 12 characters
Password must contain at least one digit and one special character



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