PSA L&P - Primary/Subsidiary: How to Enable Primary Subsidiary Accounting

How to enable Primary Subsidiary Accounting

Only Dio Administrators can add Primary Subsidiary Accounting, so anyone not in a Diocese will need to Contact ParishSOFT Accounting support.  If you wish to turn off this option, you will need to contact ParishSOFT Support, and a Data services fee is required for the work.  Data Services is $250 an hour.

Once turned on, prior bank reconciliations will not be affected. Account history will not be affected. Reports will not change. The dashboard will only show the primary account balance, not the individual account balances. Future bank reconciliations will reconcile the subsidiary bank accounts on one primary bank account reconciliation. 

  1. If you are a Diocese Administrator, go to Church Manager.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. In the Options section, you will see a checkbox for Primary Subsidiary available under Banking Options.  If you do not see this option, and you are part of a Diocese, then please contact your Diocesan Support or Administrator, or if you are not part of a Diocese, ParishSOFT Support.2019-06-19_17-12-27.jpg
  4. When you select this option you will get an alert in your web browser telling you that this can only be undone by ParishSOFT Support.2019-06-19_17-15-22.jpg
  5. The page will now update to show the box for Primary Subsidiary as being checked.2019-06-20_17-08-48.jpg
  6. To finish, go ahead and click the Submit button.
  7. Now that the feature is enabled, you will see several links available for setting up different aspects of the Primary Subsidiary feature.2019-06-20_17-11-50.jpg
    Clicking the Setup Primary link will bring you to the setup options for Primary Subsidiary accounting.
  8. If this is pertinent to you, you may now set up the Primary, Service Charge, Interest, Subsidiary Bank Offset, and associated accounts before you hit Submit. Otherwise, the church administrator may do this later.
    You can also get back to this screen later by going to Setup and then choosing Primary and Subsidiary Bank Accounts.


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