Facility Scheduler - New: Introduction to Facility Scheduler

Introduction to Facility Scheduler

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.


Logging in 

The first thing you will notice with Hosted Logos products is that there are two logins: one to Go-Global and one to Logos Facility Scheduler. Click here to get a pictorial view of how this works.

  1. The first login is the Go-Global Client, which is the software used to access your hosted Logos program and data. Logos Software Support Services is currently responsible to set up all Go-Global logins. If you want additional logins, please email support and provide the following information for each:
    • full name
    • email address

In order to log into our server using the Go-Global Client, you must first download the Go-Global Client.

  1. The second login is for Logos Facility Scheduler. We provide an initial administrative login, but your church administrator will be in charge of adding any additional Facility Scheduler Logins.

    After you've logged into Go-Global, to log into Logos Facility Scheduler, click the Scheduler Icon on the Go-Global desktop and log in with the following administrative credentials:

    Username: Master   Password: SUPERVISOR



Here are some links which will help you get started in Logos Facility Scheduler:

Full Training Video

In addition, here is a link to our Online Help Articles.

Once you have been using Logos for about a month, it is a good habit to get into reindexing the data. We recommend doing this at least once per month but doing so more often will not hurt.

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